Sparrows Rising

Sparrows Rising is Stacia Ray and Maygen Lacey, two Minneapolis-area singer/songwriters brought together by divine design. As solo artists, they both felt an intense calling: to write and record songs for the hurting and the lost — songs that would inspire hope in those who are struggling, and assurance in the One who is stronger than any struggle. But something was missing…each other. Before meeting, they had sent each other an email containing a song sample of them singing, but because of a tech glitch, they didn’t notice until sometime later that they’d both sent the SAME SONG: His Eye Is On The Sparrow. Of all the millions of songs in existence…the same song!? They immediately connected on profound levels (their kids are the same age and gender! they both lived in California for years! they have eerily similar values, political views, taste in music! their strengths and weaknesses offset each other!) and began their journey as Sparrows Rising. They know God watches over them and lifts them up so they can rise above any issue.