About Us
Who We Are!

Established in 2015 on the shores of the greatest of lakes, City on the Hill Music Festival brings together thousands of Christians from across the country for two days of worship, music, and praise. 

One of the most commonly asked questions of us is what kind of music can we expect?"  Our answer: Good music. No… actually, GREAT music. That’s really our only criteria. Our music ranges from the traditional “radio single” type material, to really mellow acoustic, hardcore rock, and everything in between! With this diverse style, there is something for almost everyone! Our only criteria - our artists are expressly Christian and write music influenced by their faith journey. They share our values of love and community and are working all of that out in the best way they can figure out. We like people like that. That's who plays at the City On The Hill Music Festival!

For more information, email us at info@cityonthehillmusicfest.com